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Cheapest Tickets in July 2014

In this section we list promo tickets - tickets with discounted price. We monitor prices on daily basis and display best priced flights here - so you can save on your trips.
Date of Flight Price Departure Destination
22 Jul 2014 USD 55 Vientiane Kuala Lumpur
22 Jul 2014 THB 790 Bangkok Phuket
21 Jul 2014 SGD 50 Singapore Penang
21 Jul 2014 RM 232 Kuala Lumpur Hanoi
20, 23 Jul 2014 RM 55 Kuala Lumpur Singapore
15-23 Jul 2014 RM 345 Kuala Lumpur Manila
21, 22 Jul 2014 RM 39 Penang Kuala Lumpur
18, 21, 22 Jul 2014 HKD 589 Hong Kong Kuala Lumpur
15-24 Jul 2014 SGD 58 Singapore Bangkok
17 Jul 2014 IDR 743,100 Jakarta Medan
22, 24 Jul 2014 THB 790 Chiang Mai Bangkok
23 Jul IDR 608,000 Bali (Denpasar) Kuala Lumpur
Whole July 2014 THB 690 Bangkok Krabi
22 Jul 2014 IDR 551,000 Jakarta Singapore

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